Kent grew up on a farm near Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Dreaming about becoming a major league pitcher, he spent hours throwing a baseball against the barn wall and imagining how he would pitch to each invisible batter he faced.  When he wasn’t playing baseball, he was reading about it – going through every book on baseball in the Oshkosh Public Library. That dream didn’t come true – but the dream of marrying someone he loved did.  At a dance at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa – he tapped a beautiful girl on the shoulder and asked her to dance.  They’ve been together ever since. Their family includes four sons, three daughter in laws, and seven grandchildren [all of whom are perfect in every way].  After a long career as a Pastor in the Lutheran Church, Kent is now focused on his passion for writing.  Since he never got beyond being 12 years old [at least on the inside], he writes for children.  They are the coolest group in the world, after all. 


As a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators [SCBWI] and the Wisconsin Writer’s Association, he is currently seeking an agent who will guide his first novel, “The Boy Who Dreamed” through the publication process.


Kent Raddatz | Author


Excerpt from "The Boy Who Dreamed"

Twelve-year-old Jacob Tannin is being bullied by Willard and doesn’t know what to do about it. He pretends to be invisible in the hopes that Willard will pick on someone else. It doesn’t work. And sometimes, while he’s being picked on, something sarcastic pops out of his mouth—which never goes over well.

But Jacob’s also a dreamer. And when his dreams take him to another world called Chimeran, things begin to change. In Chimeran, he’s attacked by Haggeldies, a new set of bullies. But he also makes friends who try to teach him how to stand up for himself.

As he goes back and forth between these two worlds, he’s forced to see others in a new way. And he’s encouraged to trust the power that comes from what he believes about

Will Jacob ever stop being afraid? What will give him the courage to speak up for
himself? And how will he learn what he’s worth when bullies in both worlds tell him he's nothing?

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"Jacob couldn’t help but look in the direction the noise came from, though he soon wished he hadn’t. For there, partway down the row, was a creature so repulsive it brought tears to his eyes."

" The Boy Who Dreamed is now available for purchase on Amazon.com for Kindle and Paper Back.



Kent Raddatz

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